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What's Happening -- The More Things Change -- Letter from Editor in Chief Kim Goss

In order to stay at the top in the field of fitness writing, you need to continue studying and coaching. Often I read articles...

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What's Happening -- State Champs -- McDonell Central High's Volleyball Team

This issue features a great story about the success of McDonell Central High School’s football team. Not to be outdone...

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Spotlight Product -- BFS 8-Foot Power Rack with Platform -- Best of Both Worlds

One of the safest, most stable and practical types of equipment is to combine a lifting platform with a power rack. At BFS we call this the 8-foot Power Rack and Platform...

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What's Happening -- Parma High School -- Keep On Rolling!

Parma High School in Parma, Idaho, was featured on the cover of the March/April 2009 Issue of BFS Magazine. This was a great turnaround...

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Training Brief -- The Key to Building the Most Explosive Athlete -- The Power Clean

A survey involving 137 Division I coaches found that 85 percent used Olympic lifting movements such as the power clean...

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Featured Article -- Capital Results -- Capital High School

Our signature success story in BFS involves a school that has been doing poorly in sports, and then quickly starts enjoying success...

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What's Happening -- BFS Swedish Style -- Sodertalje American Football Club

BFS Vice President John Rowbotham recently received this great letter and several photos from Tobias Olsson, who is with the Sodertalje American Football Club...

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Spotlight Product -- BFS Can Help You to WIN! -- From Concept to Completion

Many factors go into building a winning program and not many coaches have complete control over all of them. Perhaps you are a new coach...

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