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What's Happening -- The More Things Change -- Letter from Editor in Chief Kim Goss

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The More Things ChangeÖ

Letter From the Editor

In order to stay at the top in the field of fitness writing, you need to continue studying and coaching. Often I read articles by coaches who have lost touch with what is going on in the special fields they are writing about, such as the current issues in dealing with the economic struggles that physical educators are facing. Such people have stopped reading and attending seminars, unless they are invited to give a presentation. Iíve always promised myself that I would not fall into that trap, so recently Iíve made two radical changes in my life.

First, I went back to school to get a masterís degree from A.T. Still University, founded in 1892 and known for its medical programs. My degree (awarded in fall 2009) is in human movement with a minor in corrective exercise. So, for the time being at least, I have a good understanding about what the top strength coaches are learning in academia. (And hey, since my bachelorís degree is in journalism, I guess this means I can quote myself!)

My second change has been to move from a full-time position with BFS in Salt Lake City and take on another job in East Greenwich, Rhode Island, as an editor and writer for the Poliquin Strength Institute.

Now, donít panic Ė I will still be editing BFS magazine, thanks to the magic of cell phones and the Internet. Founded by renowned strength coach Charles Poliquin, the Poliquin Strength Institute is at the cutting edge of elite strength training and functional medicine. An article about Coach Poliquin appears in this issue of BFS. By moving to Rhode Island, I have the opportunity to meet and learn from the Instituteís guest speakers, who are among the best in their fields. My first week on the job we sponsored a seminar by Dr. Mark Houston, who has done pioneering work in reducing hypertension through natural means.

Working at the Poliquin Strength Institute enables me to mingle with some of the best athletes, personal trainers and strength coaches in the world. One such individual is Ashley Wiltgen, B.Sc., a strength coach from Kansas who competed in the 2008 Olympic Trials in the 400m hurdles. In future issues of BFS, I hope to write profiles about some of these coaches and the athletes they train. This will be fun!

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