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Spotlight Product -- BFS 8-Foot Power Rack with Platform -- Best of Both Worlds

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Join other coaches in your area to learn the best ways to train your athletes with the proven BFS Program.

Not only will this Certification ensure that you know how to improve athletic performance, you will learn techniques that will significantly improve the safety of every sports program.


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Upcoming BFS Regional Certification Events

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BFS has more clinics planned for 2010, including KY, CO, and GA. Check the BFS Calendar Online for dates!

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Best of Both Worlds

One of the safest, most stable and practical types of equipment is to combine a lifting platform with a power rack. At BFS we call this the
8-foot Power Rack and Platform because thatís exactly what it is. The platform, which can be installed with a coating of Protect-All, measures eight feet wide by six feet long and sits flush against an 8-foot power rack. The crossbar in the front of the power rack can be used for chin-ups and pull-ups.

The BFS 8-foot Power Rack and Platform has weight pins attached to the outside of the cage for convenience and to save space that would be needed for these lifts. Further, the fixed bar catches on the vertical supports eliminate the need to make adjustments for different-size athletes, reducing the amount of time between sets. And because they are fixed to the supports, they cannot be misplaced or lost.

The barbell is certainly the kingpin of weight training apparatus, closely followed in the strength training hierarchy by the lifting platform and the power rack. And now, with the BFS 8-foot Power Rack and Platform, these three tools have reached a higher level of evolution.

8-Foot Power Rack w/ Platform Features

  • Our Safest All-Purpose Station
  • Built for Heavy Lifting
  • Quickly Accommodates Every Size Athlete
    (6 fixed bar holders)
  • Extra Workspace Inside Rack
    (40 inches)
  • Standard 6' x 8' Platform

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