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What's Happening -- BFS Swedish Style -- Sodertalje American Football Club

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BFS Vice President John Rowbotham recently received this great letter and several photos from Tobias Olsson, who is with the Sodertalje American Football Club in Sweden. Here is what Mr. Olsson had to say.


"I want to thank you for the clinic in Sweden late October organized by Arlanda Jets. It was very giving and I have actually now tested the BFS program myself for 6 weeks, and yes, I must say that itís much better than the more conventional bodybuilding-related program I have used before Ė the results are over my expectations.

I have not yet implemented the Dot-drill in the workout, run 10 minutes instead, but I run the whole off-season program and also the 1-2-3-4 stretching program. And I must say itís great and a easy way to work out and keep track of the progress.

Me and Sixten who were there have convinced the board in our club (Sodertalje American Football Club) that we should run the BFS program, so all athletes that are interested are free to sign up for instructions from me or Sixten. An order for 30 BFS Set-Rep Log Books will be placed by the club as a starter. The implementation will be on 'no strings attached' for the athletes and itís totally up to them if they want to go on the program so to say."

Kind regards,

Tobias Olsson
Sodertalje American Football Club

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