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Spotlight Product -- BFS Can Help You to WIN! -- From Concept to Completion

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BFS Can Help You Win – From Concept to Completion!
Many factors go into building a winning program and not many coaches have complete control over all of them. Perhaps you are a new coach who has inherited a loosing program. Perhaps you are a coach that is frustrated with existing weight room facilities. Almost every coach runs up against time constraints when trying to help athletes reach their full potential. At BFS we believe a coach in any situation can make great strides toward success by starting with a unified idea of what they want to achieve, a concept, and then taking each step in order to reach that goal - completion.
For over 30 years BFS has been providing middle schools, junior high schools and senior high schools with the tools they need for success. We are a full-service company that can offer any coach the Weight Room Certification, Weight Room Design, Weight Room Equipment and Weight Room Training Program to be successful training athletes in strength and conditioning for every sport.

Weight Room Design
The starting point for many programs is taking stock of the assets available for training athletes. At BFS we recommend starting with an honest evaluation of your current facilities and BFS can help with free, over the phone consultations. Taking into consideration efficiency and safety we will help coaches come to a decision on what they can implement in their unique situation. Our design professionals provide 2D Floor Plans so you can see exactly how your facility should be laid out to promote efficiency while staying in accordance with current safety guidelines and industry recommendations.
If desired we can provide full 3D Renderings so you’ll see your weight room exactly as it will appear in the finished stage. This is a great tool for presenting to administrators and boosters when the time comes to fund any improvements in your space or equipment.

Weight Room Equipment
If new equipment is in order BFS stocks a large inventory of more than 800 Quality Products from Power Racks to Adjustable Benches, in our 70,000-square-foot warehouse, we can offer you low prices and ship any stock item within 48 hours. BFS is one of the few companies in the industry to manufacture, in the United States - at our own factory, institutional-grade strength and conditioning equipment. Our equipment is unique in that it is designed by educators for educators, and is backed by the best warranty in the business.
Don’t forget to consider professional installation of your equipment for larger projects, ask your BFS Rep for more information.

Weight Room Certification
Evaluating and installing or upgrading a weight room is the first step to completion. To ensure the highest levels of competence among coaches and physical educators we offer the BFS Weight Room Certification. We believe certification is a crucial step in unifying your training program and instills confidence in your coaching staff from the community and administrators. By participating in the live, hands on, practicum of the BFS Certification and taking the online exam coaches can demonstrate a commitment to their continuing education and to the safety of their athletes.
Almost all our instructors are certified teachers, and 95 percent are currently employed in high schools so we understand the challenges faced by coaches every day. Our certification is grounded in firm principles but our instructors can help coaches find the flexibility to make their unique situations safe, efficient and effective.
BFS Certification is an ongoing commitment from us to our certified coaches. We will provide coaches with the BFS Magazine, full of current training articles and inspirational stories to keep your program motivated.
Certified coaches can take advantage of the BFS Online Learning Center where we have training videos of proper weight lifting technique, articles and documents to keep your training up-to-date and program information to keep your athletes breaking personal records all year long!

Total Program Clinics - Strength and Conditioning
BFS is on hand to help coaches in the final step to completion of the concept: helping athletes reach their full potential and WIN. There are many ways to define winning, from character improvement to personal gains made in fitness - at BFS we believe success on the field is one of the most concrete signs of success in both in athletics and in character. So BFS offers regional and on-site Strength and Conditioning Clinics that teach the BFS Total Program. With the Total Program athletes will be breaking personal records weekly in the weight room, in conditioning, in flexibility all leading to the strength and confidence to win on the court or field. BFS Supports the Total Program with a compete line of multimedia educational materials to continually teach coaches and athletes how to exercise for maximum performance with minimal risk of injury.
We also offer a Character Education Program called Be an 11, which will have a positive impact on all aspects of your students’ lives.

Call BFS and Begin to Win!
We believe these four aspects of a winning program can be implemeted in a variety of ways and over a variety of timeframes depending on each coaches unique situation, call BFS and let us help you form the concept that leads your team to WINNING!

Please contact us today and start taking your program to it's full potential.


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