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What's Happening -- BFS National Convention -- Addressing a Growing Need

On January 16th BFS hosted our inaugural National Certification at the home offices in Salt Lake City to great success. With coaches attending from eight states...

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What's Happening -- Looking Ahead -- USAWeightlifting CEO Visits BFS

On October 20, USA Weightlifting CEO Rick Adams visited BFS headquarters in Salt Lake City to meet with BFS President Bob Rowbotham...

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Training Brief -- The History of the BFS Total Program for Athletes -- Why BFS is Still on Top After 33 Years

You canít argue with success. More than 9,000 high schools have implemented the Bigger Faster Stronger Program, and of these schools...

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What's Happening -- Book Review -- Swimming Anatomy

How can you effectively coach swimming or design a resistance training program for it if you donít know how the muscles work?...

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Featured Article -- BFS High School of the Year -- Aztec High School, Aztec New Mexico

We encourage our kids to play as many sports as they can, and if they are not playing a sport, we want them to continue lifting with the BFS program...

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What's Happening -- Plate Loaded Gripper -- No Weak Links

They say a chain is no stronger than its weakest link, and that being the case athletes should not neglect grip work. After all, whatís the use of having...

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Spotlight Product -- Speed Training -- Speed Equipment: The BFS Push/Pull Sled

Speed, like most athletic attributes, begins with strength. Power cleans and full parallel squats are multi joint exercises that will boost an athlete's ability...

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