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Training Brief -- The History of the BFS Total Program for Athletes -- Why BFS is Still on Top After 33 Years

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The History of the BFS Total Program for Athletes
By Dr. Greg Shepard, Founder/CEO BFS
Why BFS is Still on Top After 33 Years

You can’t argue with success. More than 9,000 high schools have implemented the Bigger Faster Stronger Program, and of these schools, nearly 500 have won state championships in football after having had BFS clinics. Many college teams and high-profile professional athletes are making dramatic improvements with BFS, and each year our clinicians schedule more than 400 seminars. And there’s more!

The popularity of the BFS Program has reached such a level that in one independent survey through the University of Minnesota, 40 percent of the high school football coaches polled said they use BFS as their primary source of strength and conditioning information, and over 250,000 students have gone through a BFS Clinic. What this means is that BFS is not one of those here-today-gone-tomorrow workouts but a popular and effective training method with a 33-year history of success.

What is not widely known is how the BFS Program developed from events that are a vital component of the achievements of BFS today. So, where did the program come from? As I think about the origins of today’s BFS, I can point to three primary sources: First, there’s George Frenn, who personifies the throwers in track and field in the late 1960s who achieved remarkable results on the field and in the weightroom. Second, there are the high school and college athletes I coached from the mid-1960s to the late 1970s, the very first BFS athletes. Finally, there’s the late Stefan Fernholm, an elite discus thrower.

Stefan shared with me many remarkable training methods, especially in the area of proper technique, from the Eastern Bloc nations in the 1980s. All these athletes provided me with the practical experience to refine the BFS system so it could be easily taught and implemented in the US.

Read the Full Story of the BFS Program by downloading this article from the BFS Archives

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