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What's Happening -- Reading a Research paper -- Research Methods in Physical Activity

Reading a research paper can be intimidating, what with all the radar graphs, foot long mathematical equations and bizarre expressions...

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Training Brief -- Plyometrics and Speed Workouts -- The BFS Total Program

BFS is called the "Total Program" because it has balance. Although a 400-pound bench press is impressive, the time it would take an athlete to develop...

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What's Happening -- From BFS to Superbowl -- East Providence High School

The bad news is the Colts lost the Super Bowl. The good news is that one of our former BFS athletes, who made the cover of the Summer 2003...

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What's Happening -- BFS Magazine -- Look Who is Reading!

On January 23-24 at the Poliquin Strength Institute, Team BFS weightlifter Chloe Van Tussenbroek took these photos...

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Featured Article -- Gridiron Rebels With a Cause -- Berrien High School

This month's Featured Article is a story about a school changing its entire identity. The Berrian High School Rebels...

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What's Happening -- BFS Training Center -- Opens for Business

After the success of the 2010 BFS National Certification, BFS decided to develop a permanent on-site training facility...

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Featured Product -- BFS Clothing -- BFS Has You Covered

BFS always emphasizes perfect form in lifting technique. We also recommend perfect form in your work out attire! So take a look...

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What's Happening -- Building It So Coaches Will Come -- A Message from BFS Editor in Chief Kim Goss

On January 15 I flew to Salt Lake City (along with my luggage, which decided to arrive the following day) to check out the...

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