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What's Happening -- Building It So Coaches Will Come -- A Message from BFS Editor in Chief Kim Goss

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On January 15 I flew to Salt Lake City (along with my luggage, which decided to arrive the following day) to check out the BFS National Certification we were holding at our headquarters. This was the first time we’d conducted this type of event, and it was one to remember.

What BFS wanted to do was provide the perfect teaching environment for the BFS Total Program, which meant we needed Great Instructors, a great classroom and a great gym. We had all of them.

Among our instructors were BFS President Bob Rowbotham, his son BFS Vice President John Rowbotham, Doug Kaufusi, and veteran BFS clinicians Jeff Sellers and Roger Freeborn. Our 1,100-square-foot classroom was complete with video projectors and two large screens. We also converted a large section of our gym into a workout area with 10 do-it-all stations. The result was that the coaches attending could easily move from classroom theory to hands-on practical.

The event attracted 50 coaches, primarily from instate but some from other areas of the country. Everything went smoothly, and as a bonus Team BFS member Maegan Snodgrass gave a power clean exhibition, hoisting 200 pounds in this lift. You’ll find many photos of this event in our "What’s Happening" section. And due to the success of our plans, we decided to convert an 2,500-square-foot section of the warehouse into a permanent gym, teaching facility and showroom. It will contain 10 do-it-all stations plus many of the most popular pieces of BFS equipment.

For this issue, we have many special features, such as an exclusive interview with Mike Brystol. Brystol is a strength coach from Chicago who has personally worked with 20 NFL players. Brystol pulls no punches in explaining what it takes to compete at the highest level on the gridiron, and he also offers practical advice for young athletes who want to play beyond high school.

Another article we think will interest many readers is the BFS position paper on the box squat. Although this exercise has been a mainstay in the BFS program for over 30 years and has been embraced by the powerlifting community, it is still a subject of controversy. This paper will discuss why we like the box squat after all these years, how to perform the box squat and how to spot it.

Finally, if you haven’t done so already, check out the "Coach BFS" sites on Facebook and Twitter. BFS magazine is published six times a year, so between issues these multimedia sites will provide you with the latest happenings in the exciting world of BFS. Enjoy!

Kim Goss,
MS Editor in Chief, BFS magazine

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