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What's Happening -- Player Profile -- Cameron Little: All-AMerican

Cameron Little started his athletic career with the BFS Readiness and Be an 11 Program. Little recently achieved one of his goals by becoming...

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Training Brief -- Perfect Technique -- The Six Absolutes

The creation of BFS Founder/ CEO Dr. Greg Shepard, the Six Absolutes are six training principles that are amazingly effective in teaching...

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Featured Article -- The BFS Difference -- Southwest Georgia Academy

This month's featured article is great story about a school restoring a winning tradition. Southwest Georgia Academy in Damascus, Georgia...

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What's Happening -- Book Reviews -- Strength Training Anatomy and Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics in Sport

If you want to take your coaching knowledge to the next level, Human Kinetics ( has introduced new editions of two practical anatomy books for coaches...

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Spotlight Product -- Versality for Added Agility and Quickness -- Verti-Block System

The "Faster" in Bigger Faster Stronger covers a large part of the development of the complete athlete. Covering not only straight ahead speed in the 40 yard dash, but also...

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What's Happening -- National High School Power Clean Championships -- How Much Can You Powerclean?

May 15 is the date and Bonanza High School in Las Vegas is the place of the sixth annual...

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