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Training Brief -- Perfect Technique -- The Six Absolutes

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The creation of BFS Founder/ CEO Dr. Greg Shepard, the Six Absolutes are six training principles that are amazingly effective in teaching perfect technique, not only in the weightroom but also in any sport. Coaches who learn the BFS Six Absolutes can dramatically elevate their athletesí strength and their own coaching ability.
Without keeping you in suspense, here are the Six Absolutes of perfect technique:

  1. Use an athletic or jump stance
  2. Be tall
  3. Spread the chest (lock-in the lower back)
  4. Align the toes
  5. Align the knees (knees over toes)
  6. Eyes on target
One reason the Six Absolutes are so effective is that they encourage all coaches to use the same terminology when teaching weight training and sport skills. After all, how can an athlete be expected to follow instructions exactly when the instructions they receive vary from coach to coach? Such confusion also goes against the concept of developing a unified program.
Therefore, when teaching the squat, instead of one coach saying, "Make your chest big!" and another coach at batting practice saying, "Spread the chest!" both coaches will simply say, "Spread the chest."

Learn more about the BFS Six Absolutes in the BFS Archives. Click Here for a Great Article to start with, called "Six Absolutes Overview" from the March April Issue of BFS Magazine.

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