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Spotlight Product -- Versality for Added Agility and Quickness -- Verti-Block System

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The "Faster" in Bigger Faster Stronger covers a large part of the development of the complete athlete. Covering not only straight ahead speed in the 40 yard dash, but also lateral quickness in directional changes. Faster certainly deserves a full third of the credit in building a Total Athlete.

Plyometric training has long been a staple of the BFS Total Program. And we are constantly looking to introduce new ways to incorporate this explosive training into your routine. Last year we developed the Plyo Bar that brought upper and lower plyometric training to one versatile station. This year we are thrilled to bring you the Verti-Block System.

The huge number of drills that you can do with this system of 12 lightweight, vinyl covered foam blocks makes the Verti-Block an apparatus that you will use all the time. Being made from a foam core means that experienced athletes can push themselves to the limit with out fear of impact injuries from the blocks. Maxing out a plyo set is now a less intimidating option.

And perhaps the most exciting aspect of the Verti-Block is they are a perfect way to introduce younger athletes to Plyometrics. Fun to use and easy to rearrange, kids take to the Verti-Blocks quickly and stay engaged for longer as they can quickly switch through various drills. For the youth market from football to physical education to soccer, the Verti-Block will help kids develop agility and leaping ability in a dynamic and fun-filled work out.

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