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What's Happening -- Player Profiles -- Zach Lander

Coach Paul Dick’s athletes from Churchville-Chili Senior High School were featured in the September/October 2007 Issue of BFS Magazine...

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Nutrition Brief -- BFS Announces New Products -- Whey Protein and Carbo Hit

MAGNUM WHEY II is the next step in protein technology brought to you by Mega-Pro. CARBO HIT is formulated with 100% pure grain sourced carbohydrates called maltodextrins.

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What's Happening -- New Product Development -- Crossfire Octagon Sneek Peak

At BFS we are constantly looking at new ways to bring athletic training to more people in more arenas. We are always evaluating new ideas...

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What's Happening -- Softball Powerhouse -- Mortimer Jordan High School

This month's Featured Article is an amazing story of the impact of one coach's willingness to look for new options in training...

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What's Happening -- BFS Book Review -- Physiological Tests for Elite Athletes

Testing is a given in today’s athletic environment. Whereas football has taken testing to a high level with its combines, what about other sports...

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Spotlight Product -- Core and Auxiliary Lifts -- BFS Elite Half Rack with Platform

The Elite Half Rack with Platform fits in perfectly with the BFS Total Program of core and auxiliary lifts. Regardless of whether...

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What's Happening -- Letter from the Editor -- The Age of Ego

I’ve had the opportunity to interview many coaches and physical education instructors with two and even three decades invested in their careers. During these interviews I like to ask, “How are the kids... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Player Profile -- Avery Cunningham

When the Winton Woods Warriors football team hoisted the Division II State Championship trophy, much of the credit belonged to their captain, #36 Avery Cunningham. The championship was the first of... (Read Article)

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