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What's Happening -- Nutrition Update -- Primal Bars

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Primal Bars

In cooperation with the Poliquin Strength Institute, BFS will now be offering Primal bars, a food bar that presents a nutritional alternative to the protein bars offered in grocery stores and other large outlets.

Primal bars are designed to stabilize blood sugar levels because they are free of fructose and contain, instead, polyols that occur naturally in fruits and vegetables Most protein bars on the market cause a high spike in blood sugar that is associated with an insulin crash that causes drowsiness and carbohydrate cravings. Further, excess consumption of fructose products may be one of the causes behind the insulin resistance and obesity epidemic in America.

Primal bars do not contain soy. According to Charles Poliquin, soy products are linked to hypothyroidism and attention deficit disorder, and can block mineral absorption and decrease testosterone levels in men. He says soybeans are one of the most sprayed crops, and their high content of pesticides increases the toxic load on the body.

Primal bars are considered food bars because they contain protein, carbohydrates and fats. Trying to design a bar with a significant amount of protein to take the place of a meal would make the product too dense. Says Poliquin, “It’s impossible to design a true protein bar that tastes good – a protein bar that would be nutritious for you would taste like a hockey puck!”

Primal bars come in a choice of five delicious flavors: chocolate coated, vanilla/almond coated, uncoated diary-free chocolate/almond, uncoated dairy-free coconut/almond, and mixed-berry coated. The vanilla almond and chocolate Primal bars are made with an exceptional-quality whey protein; uncoated chocolate and uncoated coconut/almond are dairy free and made with rice protein. Rice protein is considered to be the least allergic of all protein sources available; these uncoated bars will be the obvious choice for those who are sensitive to whey protein.

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