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FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY Bigger Faster Stronger, Inc. is very pleased to be able to offer this amazing mid-summer sale. 30% off retail on most custom manufactured BFS steel equipment is the biggest discount we have ever offered. To take... (Read Article)

Featured Article -- 2010 BFS High School of the Year -- Alexander High School

When Coach Sean Arno transferred to Alexander High School five years ago, he had what can best be described as a rude awakening. The football team had not seen a winning season since the 1990s, and since most of their... (Read Article)

Spotlight Product -- Bench Press, Squat, and Clean with Unparalleled Safety -- The Ultimate Multi Use Rack

We call this the Ultimate Multi Use Rack with good reason. Adjustable safety catches span the entire length of the lifting area making this rack one of our safest... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Strength Beyond Sport -- Firefighters Train with BFS

In July BFS president Bob Rowbotham traveled to Phoenix, AZ to meet with the Fire Chiefs and learn about the physical requirements for firefighters. Guess what, The BFS Total Program... (Read Article)

Special Bulletin -- 2011 Regional Certifications

BFS is coming to a city near you! Initial locations and dates have been announced for the 2011 Certification schedule. With 13 dates and places confirmed this... (Read Article)

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