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Featured Article -- A Tradition of Excellence -- Cary-Grove High School

The athletes at Cary-Grove High School in Cary, Illinois, could choose from any number of justifiable excuses for failure: They are the smallest school in their division, the school... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Coming on Strong for Team BFS -- Janelle Avila

The newest member of the Team BFS Weightlifting Team is Janelle Avila, who exploded on the weightlifting scene by winning the Outstanding Lifter award at the 2010 Connecticut Olympic Weightlifting Championships... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- BFS Clinician Bitten by the Weightlifting Bug

After BFS clinician Jeff Sellers and his son Nick attended a seminar by Canadian weightlifting coach Pierre Roy in April at the Poliquin Strength Institute (PSI), Jeff decided to recruit several lifters for... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Nutrition Update -- Primal Bars

The name protein bar borders on false advertising, says Charles Poliquin, who has designed workouts for world record holders in 10 different sports and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB and... (Read Article)

Training Brief -- Flexibility for Winning -- A New Look at Flexibility Training

After giving thousands of BFS clinics over the past three decades, we’ve found that stretching is the one component most often missing in an athlete’s training. This omission is odd, considering... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Book Review -- Jump Rope Training by Buddy Lee

If anyone could be considered the guru of jumping rope, it’s Buddy Lee. A 1992 Olympian in wrestling and a retired Marine, Lee has put on over 6,000 jump rope demonstrations in 50 countries. He is the... (Read Article)

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