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What's Happening -- BFS Clinician Bitten by the Weightlifting Bug

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l-r, Nick Sellers, Jeff Sellers, Cody Pohl, Griffin Scheller, Sam Delong. In the PSI photo are, l-r, Pierre Roy, Jeff Sellers, Nick Sellers, David Kandell

After BFS clinician Jeff Sellers and his son Nick attended a seminar by Canadian weightlifting coach Pierre Roy in April at the Poliquin Strength Institute (PSI), Jeff decided to recruit several lifters for Team BFS. The result was he sent four athletes to the USA Weightlifting National School Age Championships, held June 25-27 in Foster City, California. In the team photo are, l-r, Nick Sellers, Jeff Sellers, Cody Pohl, Griffin Scheller and Sam Delong. In the PSI photo are, l-r, Pierre Roy, Jeff Sellers, Nick Sellers and Team BFS member David Kandell. Kandell is 13, and won the 56 kilo (123 pound) class in the 2010 Connecticut Olympic Weightlifting Championships on August 1st in Stamford.

“All four boys are from our town of Ft. Branch, Indiana, population 1,400,” says Jeff. The four boys have been doing a BFS Youth Workout once per week for the last three years. Cody, Griffin and Sam are 12 years old, and Nick just turned 13. The boys qualified for National in March, and all four went on to finish top 10 in the nation. Cody won a silver medal and Scheller won the bronze, also winning a special award for making all six attempts.

Says Cody, “I love BFS – I guess you can say it has changed my whole life. About one year ago the guys on my street who were doing BFS once per week asked me to join BFS. I was surprised they asked – I was always in fights, in trouble at school, fighting on the bus, cussed nonstop, hated school/ homework/grades(all C’s and D’s). After one BFS workout, it was my favorite thing to do every week. I stopped fighting, stopped cussing, and in six weeks I got all A’s and B’s on my report card. I even tell my mom I love her every time I say goodbye to her on the phone – the other BFS members taught me to do that.”

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