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Featured Article -- Staying Strong at Schalmont High

Originally published in the BFS Magazine July/August 2010 It’s been said “You can’t go home again,” but someone forgot to tell that to Michael DiCocco. In 1993... (Read Article)

Special Bulletin -- BFS INNOVATIONS - More Features - Lower Prices

We understand that having the highest quality equipment is one of the best ways to reach your goals. BFS is committed to helping coaches reach their very best so we are continually evaluating ways to improve BFS equipment. This... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Just Rewards -- Amy Elizabeth Medina

The recipient of the 2010 BFS Female High School Athlete of the Year is Amy Elizabeth Medina, who graduated this year from Mountain View High School in Loveland, Colorado. Her story was featured in the July/August... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- BFS Midwest Training Center - Certification by Appointment

Learn the Championship Building Total Program! Can't make it to a Regional Certification? Not enough support for an In Service Certification at your facility? The BFS Midwest Center can... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- ROAD TRIP! -- Letter from the Editor

Now that I live in Rhode Island, I’m aware that the coming winter will turn the area into a giant popsicle. So, I’ve been taking a few trips to tide me over until civilized weather returns. A few weeks... (Read Article)

Training Brief --Structural Balance and Auxiliary Exercises

Structural Balance and Auxiliary Exercises Tips on how to individualize the BFS program By Kim Goss, MS Originally Published: July/August 2010 ... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- The Power of Hope -- A Message from BFS Editor in Chief Kim Goss

This story has special importance to me because I’ve known Don Reed for 34 years and he was primarily responsible for inspiring me to be a writer. If it were not for Don, you would probably not be reading... (Read Article)

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