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What's Happening -- ROAD TRIP! -- Letter from the Editor

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Now that I live in Rhode Island, I’m aware that the coming winter will turn the area into a giant popsicle. So, I’ve been taking a few trips to tide me over until civilized weather returns. A few weeks ago I decided to visit my strength coaching colleague Paul Gagné in Quebec. I got there on a Saturday morning, just in time to see him put a dozen NHL players through the conditioning program from hell.

Twice a week Paul loads up his truck with a bunch of chains, pulley devices and thick ropes and heads to a nearby park. The park has a steep hill, so Paul has his athletes run up and down the hill – forward and backward and sideways – all the while attached to a pulley apparatus that provides hundreds of pounds of resistance. Then he uses the ropes and chains for several hardcore upper body drills to drain the last bit of glycogen from the guys’ muscles. It’s only 30 minutes, but unquestionably the longest 30 minutes of their lives.

What also impressed me was that in the first session, Paul performed the entire workout with the athletes and easily kept up. Paul – who is in his late 40s – obviously is a man who practices what he preaches. To see some of these workouts, along with many of the interviews I did with Paul for BFS magazine, go to While you’re at the site, check out the article on Joe Durill, who currently plays for the Boston Bruins. Durill is coached by Paul and is certainly one of the strongest professional hockey players, as evidenced by a 319-pound power clean!

This issue of BFS is considered our college football issue, and in the past we’ve used it to make our predictions for the Heisman. However, our picks last year were so far off the mark (we didn’t even mention Alabama’s phenomenal running back Mark Engram) that we’re finally throwing in the towel. Thus, I’m officially announcing that, as editor in chief of BFS magazine, I have no intention of making any more predictions for the Heisman or any other sports. (Well, except maybe for Dancing with the Stars – our staff’s water-cooler talk has been hitting .500 on that show.) Seriously, there are many history-making stories this year in college football. Case Keenum of the University of Houston has a shot at becoming the all-time pass leader in Division I football, and Navy quarterback Ricky Dobbs, one of the greatest option quarterbacks ever, could break the all-time career rushing record for a quarterback. All-time rushing and passing records in one season – wow!

And to top things off, we’re announcing our BFS Male High School Athlete of the Year, Austin Ryf ofWinneconne, Wisconsin.

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Kim Goss, MS
Editor in Chief, BFS magazine

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