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What's Happening -- Look Who Is Reading BFS -- Ashley Wiltgen, BSc

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Ashley Wiltgen, BSc, shown taking a break during a seminar she attended in September at the Poliquin Strength Institute in East Greenwich, Rhode Island. Wiltgen, who competed in the 2008 Olympic Trials for hurdles, appeared in our January 2010 issue. At that time she had just opened a personal training facility called BioPhysique-Midwest; she says that since then, her income has doubled and that she plans to eventually open a functional medicine clinic with her husband after he graduates from chiropractic school.

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We understand that having the highest quality equipment is one of the best ways to reach your goals. BFS is committed to helping coaches reach their very best so we are continually evaluating ways to improve BFS equipment. This year we have made substantial improvements to almost the entire line of free weight equipment we manufacture.

Welded Steel End Caps are now welded shut offering a simpler cleaner construction and safer environment by removing possible sharp edges in older pieces as the previously used rubber end caps became worn with age.

Overhead Chin-up Bars on most squat racks and cages have been replaced with multi-grip bars featuring handles for supinated, pronated and neutral grips. This massive upgrade adds considerable gains in versatility to many of our most popular and useful units.

Roll-Up Ramps are now welded into the structure of BFS Platforms. This simple adjustment to our platforms can add significant life to both the frames of your platforms and the benches you use with the platforms.

Resistance Band Hold-Downs are now an option on most of the BFS Racks and Platforms. These hold downs allow for quick and secure use of popular resistance band training modalities. Call your BFS representative to discuss the best equipment choices upon which to install this optional upgrade.

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Take the time to explore the BFS Downloads page and we are sure you will find excellent items to help you achieve your goals. From Position Papers like the one featured in this e-mail to order forms for custom equipment this page of the BFS site is a fantastic resource.

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