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What's Happening -- The Crossfire Conquest

8 STATIONS AND HUNDREDS OF EXERCISES ALL NEW INNOVATION BFS is proud to bring out the Crossfire Conquest. 8 amazing stations in one... (Read Article)

Special Bulletin -- Visit BFS at the National Athletic Directors Conference

Bigger Faster Stronger is proud to be attending the National Athletic Director's Conference in Orlando, Florida from December 15-19, 2010. BFS President Bob Rowbotham and Vice President John Rowbotham will be in attendance along... (Read Article)

BFS 2011 National Certification

BFS NATIONAL CERTIFICATION Salt Lake City, UT - January 15, 2011 Call BFS at 800-628-9737 to reserve your place today or register online. BFS is proud to be hosting our National Certification at... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- The Ethics of Service

The following incident might not make the next edition of the Be an 11 Guidebook, but it did make me think a lot about how some businesses have a hard time distinguishing between right... (Read Article)

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