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What's Happening -- The Ethics of Service

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Image-The ethics of service - letter from the editor

The following incident might not make the next edition of the Be an 11 Guidebook, but it did make me think a lot about how some businesses have a hard time distinguishing between right and wrong.

Last Labor Day I found a screw in the sidewall of one of my tires that was responsible for a slow leak. I filled the tire and brought the car to a local auto repair shop, which is part of a nationwide chain that my family and I have done business with for nearly three decades. The salesclerk told me that the position of the screw was such that the tire would have to be replaced. I agreed and had the service done immediately.

The following day I saw that the tire was low, and upon inspection found that the screw was still there – they had replaced the wrong tire! I brought the tire back to the service center. The manager agreed that their staff had made a mistake but said he was not authorized to give me a new tire. Say what?

I called the national customer service number and was told that they would back up the decision of the store manager and that if I was still unsatisfied I should contact the corporate office. Because I could not drive the car, I agreed to have the tire replaced. Then I wrote the letter from hell to the corporate office. I explained that even though it would cost me more in legal fees and time away from work than the cost of the repairs, I would submit a complaint to small claims court so this incident would become a matter of public record. The result was that the corporate office refunded all my labor costs and gave me two new tires, with the stipulation that I not publicly name the auto center. Still, it was enough to make me think twice about continuing to be a loyal customer .

I share this story because one trait that has always impressed me about BFS is that we will do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers – even if correcting a mistake means losing money. This commitment to customer service is one reason BFS has been in business for 34 years and is still surviving in this troubled economy, whereas many of our competitors have gone bankrupt.

Regarding this issue, we are featuring many high schools that have embraced the principles of the BFS program and have gone on to achieve tremendous success on the playing field. Also included is the final installment in our Six Absolutes series, a feature on the deadlift, and an interesting editorial by sport/ liability expert Dr. Marc Rabinoff on what it takes to be considered an expert in athletic training. And check out some of the updates on BFS athletes in our What’s Happening section – these outstanding young men and women are great role models for America’s youth.

Kim Goss, MS
Editor in Chief, BFS magazine

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