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Training Brief -- The New Science of Traning Female Athletes

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Image-The New Science of Training Female Athletes

The important gender differences we must understand
By Paul Gagne
Published: September/October 2010

Perhaps stemming from the belief that there should not be any limitations in what women are able to do, many coaches believe that there are no differences between training women and training men. After all, women can perform the Olympic lifts and run marathons and can certainly play any sports that men can – although for some odd reason professional tennis organizations still don’t believe that women can play five sets of tennis. But in training women to play their best with minimal risk of injury, coaches must consider some factors relating to the differences between the sexes.

Let’s start with anatomy. Because they have wider hips that are designed for childbirth, women have a lower center of gravity than men. So it’s not so much stability that coaches need to be concerned about when working with women but mobility. …

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