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Spotlight Product -- The resurrection of a great training tool - Kettle Bells

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Image-Featured Product - KettleBells

The resurrection of a great training tool - Kettle Bells

BFS is a company founded on basic principles that have proven successful in training young athletes for over 30 years. With such a tradition, we are naturally skeptical when a new product comes along that promises to give athletes an edge. In fact, many of the new items in our catalog are simply improvements over older products, such as better barbells, medicine balls, power racks and lifting platforms. And one of our new products is not so much making a debut as it is making a reappearance after having been forgotten by the strength coaching community for several decades: kettlebells.

Unlike a dumbbell, which has two weights on each side of a single handle, the kettlebell has a U-shaped handle attached to a single round weight that looks like an old-style cannonball. The thick handle (usually thicker than on standard dumbbells) is necessary to provide a secure hold. Having the handle positioned farther from the center of mass than it is on a dumbbell allows for several release movements (in which you let go of the handle at the completion of a repetition) and swinging exercises to be performed more easily and safely than with a dumbbell.

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