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What's Happening -- Charles Write Checks

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Image-Charles Poliquin - Charles Writes Checks

Strength coach Charles Poliquin, in partnership with USA Weightlifting, has established a reward incentive program for USA athletes who break American, Pan American and World records, both at the junior and senior levels.

A world record earns $10,000
A Pan American record $2,500,
An American Record $1,000.

Coach Poliquin recently got out his checkbook.
At the American Open Weightlifting Championships, held December 10-12 in Cincinnati, Ohio, two athletes broke a total of five junior records. In the 56-kilo class, Darren Barnes clean and jerked 122 kilos and totaled 219, breaking the records held by Bryce Yamauchi. In the 94-kilo bodyweight class, Jared Fleming clean and jerked 186 and 190 for two records, and totaled 340 for another. These records were held by Norik Vardanyan, the son of the famous Russian Olympic champion Yuri Vardanyan.

Thanks for your great support of our future Olympians, Coach Poliquin!


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