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Training Brief -- BFS Regional Certification - Take Charge!

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Image-BFS Regional Certification - Take Charge!

For over 30 years BFS has been the number-one source of information on strength and conditioning for the nation’s athletes and coaches. BFS founder and CEO Dr. Greg Shepard encourages all coaches and instructors who supervise strength and conditioning programs to become certified for the following reasons:

LIABILITY. A certified strength and conditioning coach has proof in a court of law that he or she has reached a specific level of proficiency, and any school district or college will find that desirable.

EDUCATION. The process of becoming certified tends to motivate most coaches to learn more about strength and conditioning. Hence, they become better and everyone benefits – the athletes most of all.

CONFIDENCE. Being certified breeds more confidence among athletes, parents and other coaches. The handsome certificate that BFS issues makes a statement of professionalism and will look great when framed and displayed in your office.

CAREER. Being certified can help you get jobs, as many schools and health clubs make certification a prerequisite for employment.

More dates are being added throughout the year. Check in at for updated information.

Image-BFS is coming to a city near you!

Image-BFS Downloads Page

The BFS Downloads page is a deep resource of information on many aspects of the BFS Total Program. From a full six page, illustrated, booklet on the BFS Speed program to step by step Men's and Women's Flexibility charts BFS Downloads are convenient and easy source of program material.

Bring your agility up to new heights by utilizing the tools found free in the BFS Downloads page, including the famous BFS Dot Drill routines. Plyometrics can give your team the explosive edge you need - get started with the free BFS Plyometrics program work sheet.

Take the time to explore the BFS Downloads page and we are sure you will find excellent items to help you achieve your goals. From Certification Information and registration forms to order forms for custom equipment this page of the BFS site is a fantastic free resource.

The BFS Downloads Page just a click away from the homepage. Just look for the link in the blue sidebar located on the left side of the page.

Image-BFS Innovation - New Products - New Features - New Prices


Perhaps the biggest upgrade we were able to provide to coaches is bringing all these amazing new features at lower prices. Every piece of BFS Manufactured steel equipment has been individually evaluated and BFS is confident we are bringing you the best, commercial quality weight room equipment at the best possible prices.

Image-Upgraded Equipment and new options

Shop for your new weight room equipment online at and receive an additional 5% discount on select BFS products. To request a printed catalog click the link on the home page of the BFS eStore at

Call BFS to learn more about the exciting changes taking place!


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