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Training Brief -- Top 10 Reasons to the BFS Program

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Image-Top 10 Reasons to use the BFS Program

Information overload is an expression that describes how having too much information makes it difficult to make decisions. Information overload can certainly apply to high school and middle school coaches who are trying to decide on the best type of workout program for their athletes.

Although the strength and conditioning profession is relatively new, there are hundreds of programs for coaches to choose from to train their athletes. Some are powerlifting-based and focus on getting athletes as strong as possible, some are Olympic-lifting based and focus on power, and others focus on speed and quickness with complex agility drills. The list goes on. And to add to the confusion, many of these programs are endorsed by college strength coaches and professional athletes.

To help coaches make the smartest choice, we present our “Top 10 Reasons to Use BFS” for your consideration.

Reason #1
Unification is the concept that all high school and middle school athletes will adhere to the same basic training philosophy. This means that all athletes, from football players to basketball players to swimmers, perform the same core weight training exercises, the same speed and agility exercises, and the same flexibility and plyometric exercises. Such organization improves athletic performance and reduces teaching time, as well as preventing many administrative hassles and personality conflicts.

Reason #2
BFS Total Program Strength is an important quality for athletic success, but for young athletes to achieve the highest levels of performance they need a program that is well balanced. Yes, the BFS program focuses on getting athletes stronger, but we also work on specific methods to improve running speed, jumping ability, flexibility, agility and endurance. A BFS athlete has no weak links. …

Read the entire list online by downloading the magazine article from the BFS archives.

Explore the BFS Total Program in depth by visiting the Programs page at


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Keep your training on the path to success

The BFS Baseball Program, designed by former professional baseball players, combines the proven BFS system with superior instruction and 21st century technology. The BFS Baseball program includes video training, coaching by professional players and motion analysis to teach each of the five tools evaluated by Major League Baseball. The BFS Baseball program includes comprehensive instruction on hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, base running and the correct mental approach.

BFS believes sports are meant to build character and teach life lessons through desire, discipline and dedication. With a foundation of the proven BFS system, quality instruction, and 21st century technology, BFS is committed to assisting athletes in dramatically improving talent and greatly reducing injuries.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals and dreams!


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Alternating between lecture and hands on weight training through out the day the BFS Certification teaches both the physical techniques and the reasoning why these techniques provide great training gains in a safe environment.

The BFS Certification practical covers Weight Room Safety - Reduction of Liability - Proper Weight Lifting Technique - Implementing the Championship Building, BFS Total Program. This is followed by an at home study period - after which completing an online test finalizes the certification process.

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