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Spotlight Product -- The Evolution of Sled Training

The Evolution of Sled Training According to strongman Art McDermott, we may have the Scandinavian forestry industry to thank for sled training, as loggers would drag trees from areas of... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Lusia Angilau - Volleyball Scholarship

Lusia Angilau A frequent sports model for BFS magazine, Lusia Angilau is now attending Southern Utah University on a volleyball scholarship. Lusia is 5'10" and plays middle blocker. Lusia... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- Book Review - Ask Coach Poliquin

THE BOOK IS "ASK COACH POLIQUIN" This book has a BFS connection – it was edited by BFS magazine editor in chief Kim Goss. Because of the constant demand... (Read Article)

Training Brief -- The answer is always "balance"

At BFS we have spent the last 35 years asking the question: How do help young athletes get the most out of themselves? The answer is always "balance". Balancing strength training with flexibility work... (Read Article)

What's Happening -- OptoJump: From Performance to Concussion Control

Since the inception of BFS magazine 30 years ago, we at BFS have been proud to position ourselves at the leading edge of athletic performance. We have focused on informing our readers with the best and most current... (Read Article)

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