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Spotlight Product -- The Evolution of Sled Training

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The Evolution of Sled Training

According to strongman Art McDermott, we may have the Scandinavian forestry industry to thank for sled training, as loggers would drag trees from areas of the forest not accessible by trucks. In his book, Applied Strongman Training for Sport, McDermott says that Finnish powerlifters were known for their deadlifting ability, and powerlifting guru Louie Simmons learned from these athletes that dragging trees was a key factor in their success in this lift.

The BFS Push/Pull Sled, which is made in the USA, allows you to attach a pulling harness to the weighted sled so you can run with resistance. This method is superior to running uphill and/or adding ankle weights, as both of these methods affect the biomechanics of the running motion. The method of running with a parachute is valuable for developing speed endurance, but because you must take several steps before the parachute opens, resistance is delayed. In contrast, pulling a sled provides immediate resistance; besides, a parachute cannot provide the high levels of resistance to the muscles that a sled can. Being able to accelerate quickly from the start is key to athletic success.

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Heavy-Duty BFS Push/Pull Sled w/ Harness and Lead - Only $345

Includes Harness and Lead
Heavy 11 Gauge Steel Tubing
Long-Lasting 3/8" Solid Steel Slide Plates
Twice as Long Lasting as Aluminum
Built to be Used on Concrete, Asphalt, or Any Hard Surface
High Vertical Handles and Low Horizontal Handles
Pull Harness Attachment Position
Dual Olympic Plate Holders
Develop Explosive Power in LEGS and HIPS


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