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What's Happening -- Book Review - Ask Coach Poliquin

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Image-Book Review - Ask Coach Poliquin


This book has a BFS connection – it was edited by BFS magazine editor in chief Kim Goss.
Because of the constant demand for his expertise, Coach Poliquin has participated in countless Q&A columns for fitness magazines, websites and audio and video productions in the past two decades. Through his website,, Coach Poliquin reaches an even larger audience with his Q&A columns.

This tremendous body of work, amassed over more than 20 years, presents updated versions of the countless Q&A columns strength coach Charles Poliquin has written for popular fitness and bodybuilding magazines such as Muscle Media, Muscular Development, Iron Man, Mind and Muscle Power and Muscle Insider.

Now, in this compilation you have convenient and economical access to all Coach Poliquin’s question-and-answer columns.

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To help you with this BFS provides official BFS logos in a variety of sizes and formats to help you spread the word about your upcoming events. Simply visit the BFS home page online at and look for the "Link to BFS" tab. Then download the graphics and use the provided html code to link to the BFS website.

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Image-WIN With a Championship Building Program Unify Your Sports and Athletic Programs to Win!
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If you are already a BFS school, this clinic will introduce new athletes to the BFS Total Program and will reinforce the importance of following the program to experienced athletes.


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