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Training Brief -- The answer is always "balance"

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At BFS we have spent the last 35 years asking the question: How do help young athletes get the most out of themselves? The answer is always "balance".

Balancing strength training with flexibility work with record keeping. Balancing sprint training with nutrition with mental training. We have established guidelines for what we term the "11 Athlete" with the following list of attributes that all athletes should incorporate into their development. We feel strongly that each of the 11 facets need to be addressed equally and diligently.


Rest & Nutrition Year Round Training Record Keeping Sprint Training
Agility Training Endurance Training Flexibility Training Plyometric Training
Strength Training Skill Training Mental Training Be an 11!

Most young athletes play a variety of sports and activities throughout the year. Every one wants the athlete to improve as they grow and by keeping a well rounded training regimen in place the athlete has the best chance for an injury free year. Getting all the coaches, PE teachers and administrators on board with one inclusive program is where we feel The 11 Athlete has the best chance to develop.

Looking forward BFS is exploring how to take our emphasis on balanced development and apply it across all students. We are creating a measurable activity that can give us a fast and simple way to evaluate how each student is progressing, which would help coaches and teachers collect objective information to keep track of student's achievements. The OptoGait system is the best tool we have found in terms of accuracy and ease of use. With the OptoGait a simple 30 second walking or marching in place test can give a Physical Education program a baseline with which to measure future progress and effectiveness of training.

Learn more about what BFS is doing in the next issue of the BFS Magazine coming out in May.

Bob Rowbotham

Bob Rowbotham
President, Bigger Faster Stronger, Inc


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