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What's Happening -- OptoJump: From Performance to Concussion Control

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Image-Optojump-From performance to Concussion Control

Since the inception of BFS magazine 30 years ago, we at BFS have been proud to position ourselves at the leading edge of athletic performance. We have focused on informing our readers with the best and most current safety practices, training concepts, performance tools and research information in order to maximize the success of the student athlete.

We are excited to introduce a biomechanical measurement tool that we believe will not only revolutionize the way symmetrical development is measured in all school students but also take the training of athletes to the next level. After months of study and research, BFS is endorsing and adding this groundbreaking performance evaluation tool to our product line.

OptoJump, a product created by Microgate™, is the only objective, dynamic device that quickly and easily assesses body mechanics while the athlete is in motion. It provides precise, easy to interpret, and objective performance data to make certain that the well-rounded athlete is able and agile in all directions - there is no favored side. With a simple, 30-second march-in-place test, OptoJump can measure the contact time of each foot, the flight time of each foot, and the athlete's ability to hold his or her center of mass constant. An athlete's biomechanical baseline, or "gait print," can then be tracked over time, allowing physical educators, coaches and trainers to objectively measure biomechanical development and ensure effectiveness of training. In addition, the device provides the only dynamic stability test in the world: a simple five jump, in-place test that evaluates an athlete's creation, execution and direction of power (stability).

OptoJump™ allows immediate and exact identification of biomechanical asymmetries by assessing gait, acceleration of each leg, power, etc. Its precise appraisal of movement means that problem areas can be addressed long before they turn into injuries, and it makes possible a crucial, objective evaluation of an athlete's preparedness to return to play after injury, including concussion. One of the most serious health concerns we have today is the increase of concussion in sports and the incidence of "second impact syndrome." We are confident OptoJump will play a major role in minimizing the danger of this life-threatening condition, and future articles in BFS will detail the implications of this device for return-to-play protocols.

As a performance and training tool, OptoJump is one of the best possible means of developing bigger, faster and stronger athletes who are efficient and effective in their movement for their sport. OptoJump is backed by a company firmly committed to the principle that every child has the right to symmetrical development and biomechanical health. We are certain that principle will resonate with our readers and this device will help them guarantee its fulfillment.


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