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Featured Article -- Blast from the Past - Utah Jazz Summer Program

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Image-Blast from the Past-BFS Trains the Utah Jazz

BFS Summer Program for the Utah Jazz
Published: November/December 1989

“Move it up a notch,” they said after being upset in the NBA playoffs last spring. The Utah Jazz had their best regular season ever by winning 52 games. Many individual honors came to Karl Malone, Mark Eaton and John Stockton. We told them they should lift, stretch, sprint and do plyometrics like other athletes. They agreed. We moved our commitment level up a notch.
Pictured in th is article are four of the players who trained hard this past summer. Mark Eaton, NBA All Star, who has been on our lifting program for seven years, was the team captain. Mark increased his annual salary to well over a million a year this summer and he could have sat back and done nothing. However, Mark just isn’t that kind of person. He worked as hard as anybody.

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