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Special Bulletin

Special Bulletin

BFS 2011 National Certification
Special Bulletin -- Visit BFS at the National Athletic Directors Conference
Special Bulletin -- BFS INNOVATIONS - More Features - Lower Prices
Special Bulletin -- 2011 Regional Certifications
Nutrition Brief -- BFS Announces New Products -- Whey Protein and Carbo Hit - MAGNUM WHEY II is the next step in protein technology brought to you by Mega-Pro. CARBO HIT is formulated with 100% pure grain sourced carbohydrates called maltodextrins.

Special Bulletin -- KETTLE BELLS NOW AT BFS! -- BUY CUSTOM STEEL PIECE OF EQUIPMENT: GET SECOND AT HALF PRICE! - BFS is proud to announce that we now have Kettle Bells! SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one piece of Steel Manufactured Equipment, get the second piece at HALF PRICE...

Special Bulletin -- Regional Certification 2010 -- BFS is Coming to a City Near You - Join coaches in your area to learn how best to train your athletes with the proven BFS program. Not only will this certification ensure...

Special Bulletin - Serious Summer Sale
Special Bulletin - New BFS Website - BFS is proud to announce the launch of our new website! Still located at this new interface is designed from the ground up to help every user find exactly what they need from BFS.

BFS is your online resource, available to you 24 hours a day, to help you make informed decisions in all areas of program building. From weightroom equipment and design to certification of your coaching staff to instruction in weightlifting technique can help you find the solutions you need. Every facet of BFS is now available to you with updated and expanded content to get you the information you need to succeed in your athletic programs.

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