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Brain Training and Sports

Train "True Agility" with increased cognitive decision making skills via BrainHQ and Sports.
Cognitive Conditioning: Players and coaches are coming to appreciate that cognitive conditioning is as important as physical more.
Science and Brain Training
More than 100 published scientific papers show the benefits of BrainHQ exercises and assessments. ...Read More

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Executive Team
  John bio
John Rowbotham
email John
John is a Former Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach...Go to John Rowbotham Bio Page
Bob Rowbotham
email Bob
Bob Rowbotham, has been with BFS since 1979. He was a highly successful High...Go to Bob Rowbotham Bio Page
East Coast
East Coast Coaches
Rod Mergardt
Professional Development Director
email Rod
Rod Mergardt has great experience in education and the sports law field... Go to Rod Meargardt Bio Page
Lance Neven, Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Lance
Lance Neven, was the Youngest Head High School Coach in Alabama at 22... Go to Lance Neven Bio Page
  bob bozaid
Ray Cosenza
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Ray
Clinician, Ray Cosenza, is the Athletic Director and Head Football Coach at Fitchburg High...Go to Ray Cosenza Bio Page

Bob Doyle
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Bob
Clinician, Bob Doyle, coached at Hiram College for 7 years and has been a coach at Chardon High School...Go to Bob Doyle Bio Page
Tom Sullivan
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Tom
Clinician, Tom Sullivan, is a PE Teacher at Marion County High School in Lebanon, Kentucky...Go to Tom Sullivan Bio Page
Beau Johnson
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Beau
Beau Johnson, one of our newer Clinicians, is already helping teams win in and around Georgia.Go to Beau Johnson Bio Page

Steve Price
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Steve
Clinician, Steve Price, is a Teacher and Coach at Trinity Christian School in Dublin, Georgia.Go to Steve Price Bio Page
Mid-West Directors
Kelly Waite
Certification Director
email Kelly
Kelly Waite uses his his vast knowledge of the BFS Total Program to bring clinics to schools all over the country. Go to Kelly Waite Bio Page
Dennis Moon
Midwest Regional Director
email Dennis
Clinician Dennis Moon has joined BFS and is a Wisconson State High School Hall of Fame Coach. Go to Dennis Moon Bio Page
Mid-West Coaches
Jim Brown
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Jim
Clinician, Jim Brown, has been using BFS since 1981 and started doing clinics in 1987, and has given more...Go to Jim Brown Bio Page
  doug ekmark
Jeff Sellers
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Jeff
A weight training and powerlifting standout. Jeff has amassed... Go to Jeff Sellers Bio Page

Mike Glennie
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Mike
Clinician, Mike Glennie, is the Head Football Coach at Saline High School in Saline, Michigan...Go to Mike Glennie Bio Page

Doug Ekmark
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Doug
Clinician, Doug Ekmark has a history of turning programs around and developing winning traditions... Go to Doug Ekmark Bio Page
Paula Davies
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Paula
Coach Davies joined the BFS team in 2008. Her father, Paul, was in the military, and Davis was born in Germany...Go to Paula Davis Bio Page
Tom Wilson
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Tom
Clinician, Tom Wilson, was named Athlete of the Year in High School and went on to earn...Go to Tom Wilson Bio Page

Nick Goshe
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Nick
Coach Goshe began coaching at Mount Union College under the guidance of legendary head coach Larry Kehres.Go to Nick Goshe Bio Page
West Coast Coaches
  ray cosenza
Jeff Scurran
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Jeff
Full Time Clinician, Jeff Scurran, has turned around six losing programs and put them into Playoff’s... Go to Jeff Scurran Bio Page
  jim brown
Kameron Shepherd
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Kam
Kameron Shepherd offers sales support on equipment and services to all of his customersGo to Kam Shepherd Bio Page
  doug ekmark
Dr. Anne Shadle
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Anne
Masters Degree from the University of Missouri Ph.D. in Health Education, NCAA National Champion
Complete Bio

  bob bozaid
Bob Bozied
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Bob
Clinician, Bob Bozied, is currently the head football coach at W.C. Hinkley High School in Colorado... Go to Jeff Scurran Bio Page
  ray cosenza
Wade McGee
Native Programs Director
email Wade
Coach Wade McGee is a member of the Cherokee tribe and a descendent of Chief Red Bird Smith...Go to Wade McGee Bio Page
  doug ekmark
Rick Bojak
Advanced Clinician/Sales Rep
email Rick
Clinician, Rick Bojak, has coached at Weber State University for a year, the University of Utah...Go to Rick Bojak Bio Page

  doug ekmark
Roeland Brateanu
Clinician/Sales Rep
email Roeland
Roeland Brateanu is a former collegiate and professional tennis player and has been involved with BFS since 2003.Go to Rick Tomberlin Bio Page
  doug ekmark
Sarah Rowbotham
Convention Director/Sales Rep
email Sara
Sara has been involved with BFS for years and knows how to get the most from our equipment and The Total Program
  doug ekmark
Laura Rowbotham
Social Media Director/Sales Rep
email Laura
Laura has unique insight to the power of the BFS Total Program and shares that daily with tens of thousands of fans on social media