The Following Information for In-Service Registration is Needed.

Would You Like to Host or Attend a BFS In-Service Certification?


  • Host: You will need to Provide the Following Information on the Next Page:

    1. Your School Name.
    2. Your School Address.
    3. Your School City, State and Zip Code.
    4. Any Other Important Information to Establish Certification Location and Date.

  • Attend: You will choose an Established Certification Location and Date on the Next Page.

In Either Case you will also have to Contact a BFS Representative by Email or Toll Free Number to Process Payment, (Credit Card, Purchase Order, or Check).

If Hosting a Certification the BFS Representative will also Secure an Established Date for Your School.

Please Make Your Choice Here:           Host Certification           Attend Certification

Toll Free Phone Number:   1-800-628-9737

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