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Impacting Generations

BFS is a company
made of stories.
Stories of teams and individuals Taking Charge and reaching their maximum potential.
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Looking back at 1,000s of stories on the impact the BFS Program has had on so many we feel we need a space to share them, and inspire future successes. We are launching the "Impacting Generations" initiative to do just that.
For over 35 years BFS has been in the forefront of teaching coaches and young athletes how to get the most out of themselves, and their teams - on and off the field. Winning championships is a huge part of the what the BFS Total Program is about, but winning in life is an even larger part of the BFS message. We firmly believe that through athletics and physical education, in all it's many forms, every young person can grow to be a more complete and prepared person for life's goals and dreams.
BFS has been collecting and printing many of these stories in the BFS Magazine for years and proudly highlighting the BFS Male and Female "Athletes of the Year" as well as the "High School of the Year" within those pages. In fact the entire history of the BFS Magazine is available online in the BFS Archives for free and is a great resource for motivation. However we realize that we can only feature a small portion of the stories of BFS in our publications. And there are so many more stories.
So this year we are bringing to life the "Impacting Generations" page at www.biggerfasterstronger.com/impact. Through the use of all the new channels available for sharing our experiences including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and of course Email, we will bring together your stories to help inspire others to reach their full potential.

It is the stories of all the people, students, athletes, coaches, parents and administrators, that we have impacted positively which inspiresus here at BFS. These are the results which motivate us to keep doing the absolute best we can to help you reach for that championship ring on the field of play and in life!

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Impacting Generations

Your stories shared with BFS may be published on this page and in other BFS materials both electronic and print.


Bloomfield High School, NJ

Dear BFS,

Mike Carter from Bllomfield, NJ here. Just thought I would give you an update about my son Michael you meet when you were here several years ago, Mike graduates tomorrows night form Bloomfield High. He will Graduate with a GPA of 3.8+ and in top 20 percent of his class of over 400.

Mike was a two sport captain in football and baseball(2 years). Mike was a 2 year stater and was part of a very solid group of seniors that help bring Bloomfield to their first state championship game in many years. As QB he threw for 20 TD and ran for another10. The offense had over 35oo yards total yards. Mike was named player of the year for a sidelinechatter.com. they cover several counties in Northern New Jersey.In baseball,Mike played centerfield and was a four year starter who became the school and county all time hit leader with 152 career hits.He hit over .450 as a senior and had a carrer 411 average for 370 career at bats. Mike was named county player of the year as well as by sideleinechatter.com.

Mike also really gets after it in the weight room. At 5'9 175 lbs, Mike is able to bench 295, squat 385 lbs, power clean 255, and deadlift 405 lbs .Mike will attend Rutgers University on a baseball scholarship.

Had the pleasure of a life time to coach Mike in football. Could not be any prouder.

Thanks for your time

Mike Carter, HFC Bloomfield NJ

Colby High School

Dear BFS,

We completed the season with a trip to the state semi-finals losing to the eventual state champs. We lost two games during our conference schedule but avenged one of them with a victory in a play-offf game. The other loss came at the hands of a state final participant in another division. Overall I was very proud of how we played. I felt like we improved as the season went along as we only had two returners on offense and three on defense. We will begin workouts after Thanksgiving and some of the kids are alread asking when they can begin.

I talked to Dennis Moon at the state games and he informed me he was now working for you guys. He is a good man and I'm sure it will work out well. He also mentioned that you are poised to take the reins at BFS. Congratulations and I'm sure the best is yet to come for the company.

Jeff Rosemeyerl

Colby High School

Zanesville High School

Dr. Shepard visited our school in the late 90's when we started our run of winning in Ohio high school boys basketball. Dr. Shepard had such great energy and passion that day and he really left a great impression on our kids and staff. We were featured in the magazine during that time as well as my son Logan, who will be playing his final year of college basketball at Maryland this year.

Scott Aronhalt
Athletic Director



Great commitment from Pope John Paul II High School in Hyannis, MA - We expect some great results from their work ethic in their new BFS Weight room!

Greg Streit, Technology Education
Assistant Football / Track - Edgar High School, Edgar, WI

BFS Clinicians, I am writing to you to tell you the success of our athletic programs here at Edgar High School that are using the BFS program. We use this program religiously in our summer school fitness class, and throughout our football and track season and we have had your clinicians here at least twice in the past. Our footbal lteam has gone 41-1 over the past three years winning two state championships and one runner up. Our girls track and field team has won two state championship sin a row and were runner ups in 2008. They have also become the first team in Wisconsin state history to score over 100 points at the state track and field meet. Not only did they score 114 points in 2010, they repeated that performance with 108 points in 2011. We would love to do a story on these programs to be featured in your BFS magazine that your company publishes. Our student athletes have bought into your program and it has made all the difference in our athletic programs. Thanks for your time and we hope to hear from you at some time.

BFS Be An 11 Presentation

Mike Zeller - Lenoir City Schools

Hey John, We ended up 7-6 with some big upsets. Beat Farragut, a school twice our size and who we call "the chosen ones," in the 9th week to qualify for the playoffs. Beat the defending 5A State Champions in the first round 34-30. We drove the ball 80 yards five times. Won our second round 26-12. Got put out in the quarterfinals 34-26 by an undefeated team that ended up losing in the Championship game by 4 points. Good news is we have 15 returning starters. 9 on offense.

With that said, check your calendar for the weekend of April 13/14. Definitely would like to bring you here for a Be 11 clinic, possibly the

2 Day deal. Let me know what your schedule looks like. Hope things are well with you and your family. God Bless, Mike Zeller

Chris and Cory Klem

This quote is from Chris Klem, his son is Freshman HS Football Player Cory Klem. In Indiana, Cory is one of the Top Football players in his Class. He was one of only a handful of players selected to attend the FBU Top Gun Camp in West Virgina this past summer.
"To do BFS, is to BELIEVE - Cory believes he can accomplish every goal he sets, because of BFS, he also understands and is willing to do the work to achieve his goals". Chris Klem

Mighty Titans Scotty Delong TYFL President an Football Parent

Beginning with the current 8th grade group when they were 6th graders and continuing all the way down to our current 6th graders, the TYFL has been amazingly successful in play outside our regular league play against ALL opponents, many of which we will play as part of our Jr. High or High School schedules, but also much larger schools and clubs from around the country. The Secret for all three groups (6th - 8th) is undeniably the Bigger Faster Stronger(BFS)State Championship Club created and spear headed by BFS Clinician Coach Sellers. These boys began a very basic physical conditioning/ football knowledge program based the key parts of the BFS program as 4th graders that evolves into a full blown BFS strength an conditioning program by the time they are 9th graders. In this program they create a PHYSICAL AND MENTAL "gap" that when compared to schools that begin their strength programs as freshman, cannot be overcome. The difference is clear on the football field and is apparent to even the untrained eye how we completely physically dominate each and every opponent. However, more importantly than the strength gains, is the trust, loyalty, accountability and belief they will be good enough to win a 3A state championship in football.These qualities were developed with the BFS "Be an 11" program. When the boys see each other at least one time per week, putting in the time and effort, doing the same things, and improving toward the same dream both physically and mentally, they are building a TEAM dynamic that has a strong psychological effect on making them want to stay together. In a 3A program numbers retention is as important as anything else we do and this program is helping us do just that. It has been AMAZING! TYFL = Titan Youth Football League, feeder program for Gibson Southern HS in Southern Indiana. Home of the Mighty Titans Scotty Delong TYFL President an Football Parent


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