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  1. Athletes Fill-Out a Form Using Current Core and Auxiliary Lifts
  2. Enter the Lifts into the Computer, which Calculates the Precise Weights for Each Set and Creates Individual, Sport-Specific Workouts
  3. At the Beginning of Each Week Simply Print Out the Athlete's BFS Set-Rep Program Weekly Workout Schedule
  4. Athletes Scores can be Updated at Any Time, or the Program Will Automatically Increase the Difficulty Level of the Workout

Here's What You Get:

  1. Print Test Sheets:
    Forms for Weights and Field Testing
  2. Generate Individual Workouts:
    Computer-Aided Workouts for Maximum Results
  3. Ironman and Power Rankings:
    Compare to National Standards
  4. Produce Top 10 Lists:
    Challenge Your Athletes to Improve
System Requirements:
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