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We now have six classes with twenty-five athletes in each class. That s a total of 150 athletes. We also have 200 athletes that train in our weight room daily.<br><br>In closing, I would like to say that the people at BFS have done a super job. I know some of our opponents in football use the BFS system. We had a war with Miami Southridge when we played them. This year Glenn Mills is coming to Paul Brown Tiger Stadium during week six of our season. The BFS story on them was most impressive, and that match-up looks to be a great one! Thanks Bigger Faster Stronger for all you do.e constantly looking up to them, says Lingruen.  Even after they graduate they have to realize that they are role models, whether they want to be or not, and that they have a responsibility. That s what we tell our players when they enter our program they have a responsibility not only to themselves and their families, but also to the coaching staff, the football team and the community. <br><br>A Question of Priorities<br><br>Being successful in high school coaching has become a challenge in today s world because of all the distractions.  Compared to as recently as 10 years ago, many things have changed for today s high school students. The lifestyle, the freedom, the things they can do everyone s got a car now. Unfortunately, the opportunity to get into trouble is also greater and sometimes coaching seems like a fight between good and evil. However, I believe that basically every kid is good; it s just a matter of steering them in the right direction. And with both the parents working, we spend more time with these kids than their parents do.<br><br>  We strive to teach kids not to drink or smoke, and to do the right thing it s a constant battle. Although Lingruen accepts the fact that he can t keep every kid on the straight and narrow, more often than not he has made a difference.  My first year coaching I had one student who was in a lot of trouble. I had him come to my house quite a bit to talk to him now he s one of the top detectives in our county! I get a kick every time we see each other because I know how much trouble he used to be in as a youngster, and now he s the one who is making sure other people don t get in trouble! <br><br>Belief in Numbers<br><br>BFS is an integral part of the recent success at Liberty Center. Coach Lingruen started using the program in 1991, and in the Spring of 1992 the school sponsored a BFS clinic which 200 kids attended.  The BFS staff did a great job, and they reinforced some of the things we had already been doing with BFS. It was a good motivator for us going into the 1993 season, and I believe it helped us win the league championships our first league championships in almost 30 years. What s more, we won outright someth