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After just 5 months of the BFS system, along with alternative exercises picked up from Al Johnson (WVU) and Brian Neese (1999 America s Strongest Man Champion), our testing prior to football camp came with great strides in the right direction. Sixteen players tested at 300 or better in the bench press and great technique was obtained in the parallel squat. That year, the football team went 7 and 3, with a loss in the State playoff first round. The biggest thing that most players liked about their first year of BFS was that they got stronger as the season went on.<br><br>PRE-SEASON TESTS<br><br>It is said that championships are won from January through August, so back to work we went. Sticking to the plan and fine tuning our program, we were thrilled with our pre-2000 season test.<br>On the bench press, 33 players lifted 300 pounds or more and 4 players bench pressed over 400 pounds. On the parallel squat, there were 18 players over 400 pounds. Dot drill times improved an average of 13 seconds per player. Team times for the 40-yard dash improved .02 seconds. Our biggest improvement was Ryan Jenkins, a senior (Captain) defensive tackle. Ryan went from a 5.38 forty time to a 4.9. Jenkins was also one of those 400 plus in the bench and squat. Ryan credits his speed improvement to stretching, squatting and the straight-leg dead lift. Larry Kelliher, also a senior defensive tackle and a 400 plus in both lifts, improved his 40 speed from a 5.16 to a 4.93. Both have a super work ethic. Missing a workout was just unheard of.  I feel sorry for those guys who don t lift, stated Kelliher.  First, they are selling their team short and second, Coach McKenna will track them down. <br><br>INTO THE NEW SEASON<br><br>Notre Dame s first big test in 2000 was to come against Hamilton West, a power house in recent years. Hamilton West is a well-coached team, loaded with great players.<br>The stage was set, the community was buzzing with a game of the year talk. But all the excitement was put on hold when the Hamilton West teachers went on strike. With Hamilton s season on hold, Notre Dame continued to play and rolled to a 7 and 0 record. The game of the year was rescheduled and played in front of a packed house. When the dust settled, Notre Dame won 19 to 0. This was the first time Hamilton West had been shut out in years. The football team record for 2000 was 10 wins and 1 loss. The loss was in the State playoff semi-final game.<br>uarter of a century and has enjoyed 28 consecutive years of growth. Read more  

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