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After a preseason anterior cruciate ligament injury ended T.J. s junior year of football, Welcher knew that he would recover just fine.  Don t doubt anything he can do, because he can do it as well or better than anyone else. I ve seen him do it. He tells himself he can do it and he gets it done. <br><br>T.J. is a Winner<br><br>The first words out of T.J. s math teacher, and defensive backs coach, Mike Morrison spoke volumes.  T.J. doesn t think he is different, but he really is. He has more heart, more courage than most kids. <br>Off the field and wrestling mat, T.J. sets a strong example to those around him. He graduated from West Delaware High School with a 3.8 grade point average and was involved in numerous activities and organizations. He was on National Honor Society, he was elected vice president of the school s student council, and he taught math to sixth grade students as part of a Cadet Teaching program offered at school. In his free time, he shows steers at the county fair.<br>An especially impressive fact is that T.J. is also a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E) Role Model and has made a conscious decision to stay alcohol and chemical free, something he feels is imperative as an athlete.  If you are going to participate in athletics, commitment is a year round thing, he states.  You cannot be truly committed to your coaches and teammates and then put yourself in a bad position. <br>And for this type of leadership, his coaches are very thankful. They call him a kid they can really trust to set a good example, a young man who inspires those around them, and, according to teachers on the National Honor Society selection committee, a student who always does his best and is dependable. One coach remembered the time he stopped to see five or six younger athletes watching, mouths open in amazement, as T.J. labored to set a new rep record in the power clean.<br>Coach Voss is grateful to have had T.J. around to work with his mini-wrestling program, designed to get young children interested in the sport at a young age. Almost daily T.J. would hang around to play with the kids long after the camp hours were over, he would wrestle with four or five of them and he would share his positive attitude.<br>His coaches and friends all share the same opinion. T.J. is an eleven. They talk of his integrity, his CAN DO attitude, his goal setting, his work ethic, his respect for others, his personality and his self-discipline. But the best compliment to T.J. came from Coach Anderson and Coach Voss in two entirely different conversations. They talked of the same scenario, their sons being around T.J. because of who he is--- a great role model, a great student, a motivated young man determined to do his best.</t7Qnw [K(h[z H]Fy{DOD(jU QOp^ Opݖ)MĈnlm)'[+0^RS$3™OUTYll(Жkչɲ"5b:λ -^ktcA M Z֧_X^Ame޵uUl#eϒx! LDכSI%{`VSOlEirlfY\}í; 8$ T, r&E^ݎ{ly| 4NSDMiN\;w~j ||Dlҝ Zo"*W1`M`-7J~,4h=Y6g +WΧ~Mhz]~bmR#.7쑀NDݿakZseYO\w3%L}&żê\閺l4*zO(㇔I'8Ty۫1m-bvHfq+M/Ŝ#\]`Э y%ܙmBBB'K=@>Q}?Ć"F{:֝kwʑ̼$2/d1fP"Y^E/Ak&MN#v)Ew%P<*G7!@|sZD3wr`y ycaeFkܐ6Uxuo;8DZ+͚e/"${/V/WM1f"IkWW=7H7 1(z*g d;o톗iQEGF#en@K(<6At( je'r*1 b?hw`FGu-C`~'屡؅)HMvBƁQfnq4eyGqQq@=^O^`((EQWEIe $ xޘnM up4e eIrڧƁȐEWzI@=c)9z8?& &Eo= K* # r HۛgP V*̀"ē=;ךFtǑKFGG2W Dz}UJSz kE"HhcFVy9Qyn>qF|_Nk&w_L 2SSr1.ySq $(oRIߗ|Yci +61PpXd"$ >%%Aq7Oe즘˖H#X\*Ҿ:^c].y,桎h@#LŴơIcߩŪLï݉[Ҟ8tĒM݅VabI;(;>Xm 7?<, мhX|] Z%fYQJ}CyKa5̲:I갢dRjgHž'^ @Ev'h9~`\I%,4gPCG1w_-m^=^a4;6mOu @R/976\&gvo1[CrMghB ̧D'~7̂}<ojm'=:|ͦj?H. \Q-P^}=..hy?.MmWOyC.#i$C^0o|Sʷ`eŘpb