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Being a part of the team means being a part of the best high school football has to offer. Massillon will live forever as the high school football capital of the world. Now you know the full story behind burying those Pennies In the End Zone......................................q<br><br>Just as a sidenote, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is only about a five minute drive to nearby Canton. <br>For a football enthusiast, you are <br>in heaven.<br><br>SIDE STORY: THE NFL HALL OF FAME<br><br>Minutes from Massilon is another big-time high school football town--Canton, Ohio. City leaders in Canton won site approval for the Hall of Fame from the National Football League in April of 1961. <br>Twenty-nine months later a sparkling, modern 19,000 square-foot two building Pro Football Hall of Fame was officially opened. On that day there were 17 inducted in the Hall s Charter class.<br><br>Since then, the Hall of Fame has become so popular that it has gone through three additional renovations beginning in 1971, then 1978 and most recently in 1995. It is now a massive 82,307 square foot facility. The most outstanding new attraction is the Game Day Stadium, the turntable theater in which The 100-Yard Universe film, a premier production by NFL Films is shown.<br>I was struck by the lack of size of the older linemen that had been inducted into the Hall of Fame. It became crystal clear how important strength and conditioning has become and its contribution to the evolution of the modern day player. To the left are some examples. <br><br>It was fitting that the Pro Football Hall of Fame was located in Canton. It is the cradle of football. The Massillon-Canton McKinley is a 104-year high school rivalry. Pro Football got its start in the Northeast Ohio area. The tradition continues today as strong as ever.<br><br>Fan support in Canton is off the meter for their high school team just like Massillon s. There are 2,500 season ticket holders. Games are played on Fawcett Field and they allow the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game to be annually played on their field. About 100,000 fanatical fans attend Canton s games each year. McKinley s annual war with Massillon draws a standing room only crowd of 23,000. The McKinley Bulldogs have come out on top of the Tigers four years in a row including a 27-14 victory last season. <br><br>Fawcett Stadium recently had a<br>multi-million dollar renovation including new locker rooms, weight room equipment and scoreboard. The natural grass field has been replaced with artificial turf. 1997 was a dream season for Coach McDaniels who not only won the state and national titles last December but he did it with his son Ben, the quarterback, who is only a junior. 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