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If you remember, 60 or 70 years ago experts said that a curve ball didn t curve, that it was an optical illusion. As for stress on the shoulders, certainly anyone who participates in gymnastics at a young age is putting a high level of stress on the shoulder joints and they seem to do fine.<br> <br>BFS: Seldom do your athletes perform any pressing exercises. Isn t shoulder strength important in jerking weights overhead?<br><br>Schnorf: During the time I worked with Curt and Stewart we never did any pressing. Stewart could never bench press 200 pounds, and Amy Miller has jerked 237 pounds overhead but can t do a military press with 75 pounds. Amy has one of the best jerks I ve seen, male or female, and certainly the best jerk of anyone I ve coached. I am of the belief that the jerk is a speed and technique lift, so with my athletes I emphasize speed, speed and more speed.<br>BFS: What effect does the starting age have on speed and starting strength?<br><br>Schnorf: The sooner you can establish the proper motor patterns in lifting the better. The toughest athletes to teach are the kids who are maybe 16 to 18 and have done a lot of bodybuilding exercises it gets very frustrating for them. I think that especially for a kid who s pretty bright and has an appropriate attention span, the younger you can get them started the better.<br><br>BFS: You were one of the first coaches to train athletes twice a day. Did you encounter criticism from other weightlifting coaches for training that frequently?<br><br>Schnorf: Certainly. The accepted practice was generally to train every other day, so the idea that an athlete could train six days a week or twice a day some days was just not looked upon as being appropriate at that time.<br><br>BFS: Are there any problems related to the age at which an athlete begins lifting twice a day? <br><br>Schnorf: An athlete who starts such frequent training younger has a big advantage over an athlete who begins at a later age, especially in terms of how the body handles it and frequently in how the mind handles it. One of the problems with older lifters trying to train this frequently is that they have a lot more stress and personal obligations and may not have the ability to focus like a kid who doesn t have all those pressures.<br><br>BFS: You have a reputation for pushing your athletes through brutally hard training sessions. Is that true?<br><br>Schnorf: At the 1979 Friendship Cup in Russia, Stewart lifted well while the other US lifters didn t lift very well. On the plane back someone asked Stewart why the pressure didn t seem to bother him, and he said,  I have more pressure on me every day in the gym than I ever had in Russia. My philosophy is to put my athletes under a lot of pressure in t/a>.

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