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Pԣ֝}E<br>The other 30% of our class includes speed improvement skills, quicks or fast twitch drills, plyometrics, and agilities simulated in football. The next segment takes us to our team room where we can seat 80 players and coaches at an elevated level so that both players and coaches can interact. This summer, we read the book, Who Moved My Cheese, and the response, interaction and sharing of ideas amongst the team has helped us develop our summer goals. We also go through the book Be An Eleven Student / Athlete Guidebook for Success. This guidebook written by Dr. Shepard creates interaction where players and coaches are openly sharing values, most of which are personal and not football related. We believe that our team knows each other better and will respect and trust one another in our future endeavors. By becoming an eleven (on a scale of one to ten), our players realize it will take a lot of courage to make good choices whether it is socially, or on and off the field. <br><br>Examples of Excellence<br><br>Our players have responded and made monumental gains in strength and speed, but most critical is the fact they have taken ownership in getting their work-outs completed with proper technique, returning with enthusiasm to set more new records daily. The following is a list of players that have become examples of excellence:<br><br>JOHN WILSON<br> <br>6'7, 310 O.T. Co-Capt. High School All State, All American, Penn State Signee.<br>John Wilson took over as a leader after his junior season when he made a commitment to lose 50 pounds. John weighed in at 360 and set his goal to start the season at 310 pounds. John's quest began when he decided to eat like a TIGER, following a hi-protein, low carbohydrate diet. Of course, John still ate plenty of steak, chicken, vegetables and fruits, but he eliminated all fast foods and fried foods. John also stepped away from being a member of the "Big Gulp Society" and he increased his intake of bottled water. John followed the strength training program and, although he was losing weight, he did a personal best of 280 pounds in the Power Clean. That is impressive considering John's long arm span. <br><br>When asked what part of the strength and conditioning program helped him the most, John said, "The fact that technique was the #1 emphasis in both the squat and power clean. It gave me a chance to add weight gradually and these two lifts made me more explosive, flexible and definitely faster. I could not even power clean 220 pounds as a junior, but strict technique on the power clean enabled my confidence to rise. It's just like our football at Mainland High School, where technique is emphasized and demanded every day. I'm thankful for that because no one ever beat me on a pass rush, not even once, in my senior year." <br><br>WALTER WASHINGTON<br><br>QB 6'1 228 CO-CAP'T. 1st Team All-State, Eastern Kentucky signee. Strongest QB in the Nation? Walter won the national combine (quarterbacks) last summer competing in the Georgia Dome prior to the Florida vs. Georgia all Star Game. He won the over-all contest and threw the football 78 yards. He had thrown it 84 yards in warm ups. Wal