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Pԣ֝}E<br><br>Can you give me an outline of how your class is structured?<br><br>The class is every other day for about 85 minutes because we have a block schedule. We begin each day with a warm-up, either the Dot Drill or a set of 100 on the jump ropes (25 each - both feet, right foot, left foot and alternating). We didn t use the Dot Drill every day for warm-up because we only have two Dot Drill pads. I found that when the kids did the dots without the pads, they had an awful time hitting the dots when it came time to test. If we warm up with jump ropes, they each can do their dot drill during work-out time on the pads.<br> After warm-up, we stretch. Coach Scurran was great for helping us learn to stretch more effectively.<br> Next, is our work-out time. We divide into groups and do core lifts, auxiliaries and agilities. About once a week I take the group on agilities and do our testing.<br> With about 5-10 minutes remaining in class I bring everyone together to work as a group on various things like medicine balls, walking lunges, sprint technique, starts, jumping plyos, etc.<br><br>Is testing an important part of your class?<br><br>I truly am committed to testing athletes on a regular basis. This not only motivates the athletes by showing progress, but can be a part of training. Kids give their best when their performance is measured. We test in the Vertical Jump, Standing Long Jump, 20, 40, Dot Drill, Steeler Drill (an agility drill) and 30 second Jump Rope. The kids love to test and when they achieve their best ever, you know it makes their day.<br><br>How did the kids end up doing?<br><br>The gains made in the class were outstanding. It is great to see talented kids get better and better, but maybe the most exciting thing is to see those kids who can t do much as far as controlling and moving their bodies turn into strong, quick, flexible athletes. I can t help but shake my head and say,  Wow! Do you remember when...? <br><br><br><br>HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 2000-2001<br>MORENCI MIDDLE SCHOOL FITNESS CLASS<br><br>Bench Press<br>11 boys at 135 pounds or more. <br>4 boys at 185 pounds or more.<br><br>Parallel Squat<br>11 boys over 200 pounds. <br>4 boys over 250 pounds. <br>2 girls over 135 pounds.<br><br>Power Clean<br>11 boys at 135 pounds or more. <br>2 girls at 85 pounds.<br><br>Hex Bar Dead Lift<br>9 boys at 300 pounds or more. <br>2 boys over 350 pounds.<br><br>40 Yard Dash<br>Average improvement .36 seconds. <br>9 boys under 5.3 seconds.<br><br>20 Yard Dash<br>Average improvement .16 seconds. <br>11 athletes at 3.0 or less, including one girl.<br><br>Dot Drill<br> Average improvement 25.8 seconds. <br>13 athletes at 70 seconds or less, <br>3 of which were girls. <br>5 boys under 60 seconds.<br><br>SLJ<br> Average improvement 9.6 . <br>10 boys over 7 . 2 boys over 8 . <br>All 4 girls over 6 .<br><br>Vertical Jump<br>Average improvement 2.8 . <br>12 boys at 20 or more. <br>All 4 girls at 17 or more. <br><br><br><br>Player Profile<br>COREY LOVE<br><br>Corey Love, is 5 5 , 127 pounds and is in the 8th grade. He scored 10 TD s on a 6-