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Dr. Henry Kamin

Kevin Barr

Kevin Barr has spent over 20 years as a strength coach working with athletes at the highest level of sports. He brings an invaluable insight into working with maturing bodies to the BFS Advisory board that can only help with thier goal to affect positive change in school age youth.

20th year working in Major League Baseball.

Tampa Bay Rays, Major League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator (2002-Present)
Founder of TheBBR.com (The Baseball Resource)
2009 Nolan Ryan Award-Winner as MLB Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Year
Florida Marlins, Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator (2001)
Cincinnati Reds, Minor League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator (1999-2000)
Kansas City Royals, Major League Strength & Conditioning Coordinator (1996-1998)
Florida Marlins, Major League Strength & Conditioning Assistant (1994-1995)
The Ohio State University, Football Strength & Conditioning Graduate Assistant (1993)
Earned B.S. and M.S. degree in Exercise & Sports Physiology from Ohio University (1991-1993)
4-year Varsity Letterman for University of Toledo Baseball Program (1988-1991)

Kevin Barr

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