He benches 325, Parallel Squats 500, Power Clean 310 and Dead Lifts 705. Barry Rivers is an impressive center piece for the Munford High football defense.

By Alan B. Dykens, Head Strength Coach
Published: Summer 1998
Barry Rivers is the center piece on our defensive squad, a major contributor in our offensive backfield, and our leader in the weight room. Barry has phenomenal strength. His combined total is 1840 pounds in 4 lifts (Bench, Parallel Squat, Power Clean, and Dead Lift). Barry is 6 feet tall and weighs 225 with a 40 yard time of 4.85. His maxes are as follows:

Bench: 325
Parallel Squat: 500
Power Clean: 310
Dead Lift: 705
Total: 1840

Barry is a senior at Munford High School in Munford, Tennessee, competing in 5A football. Our record this past year was 13-2, and we were 5A state runner-up. Barry was a major part of this success. He compiled 140 tackles for Munford in 1996, and 169 in 1997 with 108 and 133 solo tackles respectively. Barry also recorded 6 sacks, one fumble recovery, and one interception for a touchdown in 1997. Barry was a finalist for Mr. Football 5A Defensive Lineman of the Year in Tennessee. He was also named to first team all-state at linebacker. Barry was instrumental on the offensive side of the ball as well and was responsible for 1256 yards this past year from the fullback position while averaging 6.75 yards per carry and scoring 21 touchdowns. He also tied for the team lead in receptions with 9 for a 165 yards and 2 touchdowns

Barry’s work ethic in the weight room is unmatched. He is a leader by example and vocal influence for the rest of our players. He is an emotional lifter with an internal motivation unmatched in the weight room. We coordinate a BFS program for 90 players, and Barry has been by far the most influential lifter that we have had. Barry is a tremendous athlete and individual, and we are looking forward to seeing his growth on the field and in the weight room in college football.

We are excited with Barry’s potential as an athlete and weight lifter. We were also wondering what the record for a lifter with Barry’s height and weight is in the dead lift. If you know what the record is or if this is a possibility we are willing to take the appropriate steps to ensure that this lift is recorded properly..

Note: Barry’s 705 Dead Lift may be the most in his weight class. Marc Henry, our Olympic Heavyweight lifter, Dead Lifted 710 pounds in the 1990 Texas High School State Championship Meet. Marc was 6-4 340 pounds as a senior. Any official record must be done in a sanctioned Power Lifting meet. David Harvey-Bowen Dead lifted 710 pounds in competition in 1998 at a body weight of 245 lbs.

Barry is 6 feet tall and weighs 225. With a parallel Squat of 500 pounds you can see why a feat like this is not hard to imagine. His great leg strength also produces a a 40 yard time of 4.85.

Barry Rivers Deadlifting 705 with the BFS Hi-Hex Bar.

Barry power cleans 310 pounds.

He compiled 140 tackles for Munford in 1996, and 169 in 1997 with 108 and 133 solo tackles respectively.

This past year, Munford High went 13-2 and were the 5A state runner-ups.