The Five Power Axioms for Success

The Secret

By Dr. Greg Shepard
Published: Summer 1996

This has been a phenomenal year for BFS Clinics.  Twenty clinics were held throughout the nation in March alone.  We thank all coach and athlete participants as each clinic seems to have had its own remarkable experience.  What prompts athletes to give standing ovations at the end of a seven hour day clinic and some of the winningest coaches in America to exclaim that they had learned more in one day than in ten or twenty years of coaching?

One hundred and sixty teams have now won state high school football championships after their BFS Clinics and that figure will undoubtedly rise after the upcoming 1996 season.  Some of these championships have been accomplished after a previous dismal season.  We realize that some may feel that the idea of winning a championship after a BFS Clinic is farfetched.  What would we possibly say about weightlifting that could cause such a dramatic change to occur?  Well, if it was just about weighlifting, I might also be skeptical but the secret of the extraordinary BFS Clinic success lies in the
Five Power Axioms For Success.

An axiom is a self-evident truth, an established principle and/or scientific law.  An axiom is powerful by its very nature.  If you apply an axiom to any situation, you should get a predicted result every time.  Axioms are used in mathematics for this very reason.  Axioms are like formulas.  If you use the Five Power Axioms For Success, you will be more successful at anything you attempt in life.  You may also use the Five Power Axioms For Success with any type of strength and conditioning program.

     POWER AXIOM #1: Establish A Unified Team Goal.  Most teams vote to make winning the state championship their goal.  POWER AXIOM #2: Establish A Work Ethic Plan.  On a scale of one to ten, most teams elect to work at an eleven rate.  POWER AXIOM #3: Keep Your Eye Single To The Glory Of Winning The State Championship.  We learn how to stay focused on our goals and work ethic plan.  POWER AXIOM #4: The Realization Of A Personal Destiny.  We must play the song we came on earth to play.  Let us not die with our music still in us.  POWER AXIOM #5: Help Each Other In Mind, Body and Spirit.

The entire BFS Clinic revolves around really learning the Five Power Axioms For Success.  We do this while we are teaching perfect technique in all phases of strength and conditioning, presenting a unified coaching concept with all sports and incorporating our set-rep system which daily reenforces all five axioms.

We are dedicated to helping athletes and coaches succeed in all sports.  We strive to assist everyone involved in athletics to achieve their dreams in mind, body and spirit.  Our greatest reward is to see you achieve your dreams and goals.