Attitude + Focus = Success

By Greg Shepard
Published: Summer 2000
The more I observe the more I am convinced of the tremendous importance of attitude and focus. Talent is great but I want attitude and focus over talent. To play your true song, to fulfill your true destiny, you must have a great attitude and unwavering focus. In athletics, you must endure throughout the entire season. In life, you must endure to the end. Here are some recent incidents and quotes which should help any athlete and coach with their journey on becoming an eleven:

“Winning isn’t complicated. People complicate it.” Dick Vermeil, Former St. Louis Rams head coach “Kurt Warner is an example of what it’s like to have a deep belief in yourself, to have a deep faith in God. He’ll work. He’ll accept criticism. What else can you say about this guy. He’s a book. He’s a movie.”

Kurt Warner, the 1999 NFL MVP says the Super Bowl victory came from hard work and self confidence. After the win, Warner rushed over to his wife, kissed her and exclaimed, “We did it!” Later, after thinking about the victory, Warner said, “I don’t ever sit back and think about the journey. I just think about the lessons. There were a lot of good times and a lot of tough times. I’m happy. I’ll take it all. If anybody tells you that you can’t do something, don’t believe them. With deep faith in yourself, and the good Lord, everything is possible.”

Marshall Faulk’s high school football coach, Jack Phillips said that at one point, Marshall was borderline. He could have fallen either way. The St Louis record-setting running back agreed, “I had to make choices and I did make some right decisions along the way.”

LaRee Sugg, the only African-American on the LPGA tour says, “I want to use this opportunity to touch people’s lives and make a difference. That’s more important than what I shoot.”

High School Hazing: Eight Trumbull High School wrestlers in Connecticut were arrested. They allegedly hogtied a 15-year old teammate and forced the handle of a plastic knife into his rectum. Two of those charged were captains. Elevens act as big brothers and love their teammates. Elevens would never consider hazing to any degree.

More Hazing: Another high school wrestler from New Jersey, who had 142 career victories, allegedly forced a freshman to drink five cans of beer in 20 minutes. This is a long, long way from being an eleven.

University of Vermont: Had to cancel the final 15 games of its hockey season because of hazing.


Dr Greg Shepard