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BFS has brought back our most popular promotion of the year just in time to get your training in high gear for a championship run!

Every line of BFS Manufactured weight room equipment is shipping free for the next 3 weeks.

Simply use discount code 0814weff1 at checkout!

D1 Line Ships Free

BFS is producing the finest weight room equipment available. With the D1 line our exceptional value for dollar is increased. D1 is made for the most demanding, high profile programs.

Elite Line Ships Free

BFS Elite racks, platforms and benches, built with 2" x 3" and 2" x 2", 7 or 11 gauge steel, are the foundation for countless championship quality weight rooms. Weight training is the basis for any athletic endeavor.

Varsity Line Ships Free!

At BFS we know the real measure in a weight room is the results you see outside the weight room. The Varsity line, built with 2" x 3" or 2" x 2" 11 gauge steel, has every rack, bench or platform you need to achieve your goals. The Varsity line is built for teams that know they have to work hard and get a little dirty to reach their dreams.

Absolute Line Ships Free!

BFS is pleased to announce an all new line of weight training equipment. Built with new shapes, materials and methods the Absolute Line brings a modern look to your weight room. Engineered and manufactured to maintain the time tested durability of BFS's commercial grade history. The Absolute Line delivers a weight room that lasts in a bold new design.


Does not include Alaska or Hawaii - Call for special options


BFS is the complete solution! BFS is the go to resource for equipment for every institution. Out Varsity line of racks, benches and platforms is top quailtiy equipment designed to get the most out of even a limited budget. Right now many items from this line are on sale at even lower prices!

Varsity Rack with Platform 25% OFF

Promo Code 0414WETS1


Many specialty, or individual use products on sale! Many weightrooms cater to specific training methods for specific results. BFS has the machines to fill these niches and right now many of these products are on sale at 25% off!

Reverse Hyper 25% OFF

Plyo Ramp 25% OFF

Promo Code 0414WETS1



Reverse Hyper

Don't miss the savings on this value packed equipment - Only while supplies last!


25% OFF this entire list!
- Simply use Discount Code 0414WESS1 at check out on the BFS e-store

Plate Loaded
Reverse Back Ext.
Pec Dec
(Plate Loaded)
Varsity Power Clean Platform 45 Degree Hyper Extension
Varsity 1/2 Rack & Platform 5 Bar
Horizontal Rack
Power Press
Squat Rack
3 Way Hip Sled Olympic Decline Olympic Military D1 Olympic Bench
Sit up Bench 5 Ft. 3 Tier DB Rack 10 Ft. 2 Tier DB Rack Olympic Plate Rack
Incline Lever Row Standard Plate Rack Arm Curl Bench Plyo Ramp
T-Bar Row Plyo Bar Seated Bench Power Clean Blocks
  Adjustable Decline Chin Dip VKR  


Recovery Sale!

Manfeed Pro Protien


Try both flavors!

Buy 2 and Get the 2nd HALF OFF!

Manfeed Pro has what you need!

Enter the discount code 0414WEMN1 at checkout!

MANFEED PRO is created from natural ingredients that your body knows exactly how to process and use, that’s why MANFEED is highly digestible. This means you are getting higher levels of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fiber the body can use to replenish and rebuild cells for the entire body.


Increase your Strength, Speed, and Endurance!

NCAA Compliant - All Natural Protein - Over 90% Digestible

Net Weight 5 Lbs (2.26 Kg), enough for 20 servings
32 Grams of protein per serving
0 Trans fat
Available in two flavors - Chocolate and Vanilla




BFS Partners with Allstate Capitol

Working with a fixed municipal budget it can be almost impossible to make dramatic changes in a short time. Financing your weight room purchase allows you to turn the decision making process from "What can we afford?" to "What do we need?". BFS, working with Allstate Capitol, has solutions that can allow for big changes now while working within known budgets.

Knowing your annual budget can be turned into an advantage by getting the equipment you need today at a rate you know you can afford. By working with Allstate Capitol BFS is empowering more schools, municipalities and even booster clubs to finance their goals of providing championship quality equipment to young students and athletes.

allstate logo



Lease v Cash

Products Services

Why Finance

Allstate Capital is a leading commercial equipment leasing and equipment financing company. As one of the most experienced commercial equipment leasing sources in the country, they have the ability to fund most equipment types to municipalities and businesses throughout the United States.

Through their infrastructure of dedicated sales and administrative staff, they are able to offer unparalleled customer service and a broad spectrum of programs. Most importantly, they deliver "Peace of Mind" financing with the financial resources to support the transactions they fund.



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0714RCMD Regional Cert - Timonium, MD 9/18/2014 $100 off
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