Independent Bench Press Stands


The Valor Fitness BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands are constructed of a high-quality 2mm / 12-gauge 2" x 2" Steel Frame.The weight load force is directed downwards, as opposed to an extension arm (as with a squat stand), providing better stability and a higher weight load. (Max Weight Load is 500lbs).The BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands are designed specifically for the bench press function, using either a flat or incline bench.(Units are not high enough to be used for squat function).

Adjustable safety bars offer 11 options for adjusting the height to the user's chest level (to catch the bar should the user not be able to return the bar to top).

Minimum height is 21" with increments of 1" to a max adjusted height of 31".Adjustable bar catch surface measures 10" x 1.75".Two plate storage pegs are located on the back of each stand, offering a 7" long peg for either standard or Olympic plates. The plate storage pegs also offer a second bonus feature of adding stability and a more solid foundation when using a heavier weight load.

Adjustable uprights provide a wide range of height adjustments (9 positions) for the user, from a min-height of 34" from floor to a max height of 49.5".Each upright includes the locking bar catch feature, which secures the bar to the upright while changing out the plates.

The BD-2 Independent Bench Press Stands may also be used for Power Lifts. Space saving is key with this piece of equipment, so it is perfect for any home or commercial gym as the uprights nest for effective storage. Rubber end caps prevent scratching to frame as well as your gym floor.