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Join Other Teachers and Coaches in Your Area to Learn the Best Ways to Train Your Students and Athletes with the Proven BFS Total Program. Not only will this certification ensure that you know how to improve athletic performance, but you will also learn techniques that will significantly improve the safety of every PE and sports program

This is a Hands-On, Learn-By-Doing Certification.
  • Dot Drill Pad
  • 1-2-3-4 Flexibility Program
  • Box Squat
  • Parallel Squat
  • Bench Press
  • Towel Bench Press
  • Hex Bar Lift
  • Power Clean
  • Auxiliary Lifts
  • The BFS Secret
  • Off-Season and In-Season Program
  • BFS Goal Setting
  • BFS Total Program
  • The Six Absolutes of Perfect Technique
  • Weight Room Safety
  • BFS 25 Agility Drills
  • BFS Speed Program
  • BFS Conditioning Progam
  • BFS Plyometric Program
  • After completing the WRSC and passing the Online Exam, participants will be BFS Certified and a Certificate of Completion will be mailed to each. WRSC includes one year of online video training support

    2020 Regional Certifications With Discount Codes!

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    3/13/20 - 0320RCMO Lebanon HS Lebanon MO

    3/21/20 - 0320RCMD Dulaney HS Timonium MD

    4/4/20 - 0420RCWI Wautoma HS Wautoma WI

    5/1/20 - 0520RCUT BFS Residential Training Center SLC UT

    Summer-TBD - 0620RCUT BFS Residential Training Center SLC UT

    Summer-TBD - 0720RCIL Knox College Galesburg IL

    Summer-TBD - 0920RCUT  BFS Residential Training Center SLC UT

    30 Day Advance Registration Saves $100

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