AeroStrength Unilateral Leg Ext - Knee Curl


This single sided machine is also called the Double Leg Ext, Double Knee, Unilateral Quad Extension, Dual Quad/Ham, Leg Curl, and Hamstring Curl.

The smooth fluid resistance that AeroStrength provides is perfect for fitness, rehab, weight loss, sports, and athletic performance. It's cardio and strength at the same time!

Hydraulic exercise is safe, highly effective, and is used in: 

  • Sports Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Athletic Performance Training
  • Senior Active Aging
  • Geriatric Exercise
  • Youth Sports Performance Training
  • Express Circuit Workouts
  • HIIT Workouts (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Weight Loss, Weight Management, and Bariatric Clinics 
  • Personal Training Fitness Studios
  • Women Only Fitness Centers
  • Group Classes led by an Instructor or Trainer
  • Home Fitness